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ATC - A tool to simulate network conditions
26 points by Gene Reese
dotcppfile/DAws · GitHub
97 points by 何去飞
A Look Into Creating A Truley Invisible PHP Shell | The Hacker Blog
125 points by 何去飞
b374k/b374k · GitHub
91 points by 何去飞
Smaash/quasibot · GitHub
15 points by 何去飞
AWPUG SXSW Hangover Edition - Austin Web Python User Group (Austin, TX) - Meetup
12 points by Continuum Analytics
Submittable API Client — Submittable API Client 0.1 documentation
14 points by Submittable
RasPipe: A Raspberry Pi Pipeline Viewer, Part 2 « Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers!
3 points by Adafruit Industries
Ermanno Scervino magazine - Ermanno Scervino
Python 2.7.8 Release |
126 points by xuebin wei
Python for Quants. Volume I. The e-Book. | Quant at Risk
7 points by VonVictor Rosenchild
Debian -- Security Information -- DSA-3204-1 python-django
8 points by TheDiginewz
GDC Vault - A Theory of Fun 10 Years Later
30 points by Nathalie Lawhead
How to build and run your first deep learning network - O'Reilly Radar
225 points by Nathalie Lawhead
Reading List « Deep Learning
75 points by Nathalie Lawhead
[1206.5538] Representation Learning: A Review and New Perspectives
44 points by Nathalie Lawhead
Talking Machines
421 points by Nathalie Lawhead
Why deep learning is at least inspired by biology, if not the brain | Gigaom
660 points by Nathalie Lawhead
David M. Blei
64 points by Nathalie Lawhead
Bayesian Statistics as a Way to Integrate Intuition and Data - Alexa Meyer of Keen IO
81 points by Nathalie Lawhead

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