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jugad2 - Vasudev Ram on software innovation: PDF in a Net, with Netius, a pure Python network library
7 points by Darx Kies
John Cleese and Graham Chapman comedies discovered after nearly 50 years
77 points by Monty Python
Glumpy: Beautiful scientific visualization -
11 points by - développement web
Code that breaks 2 or 3 times every month // Zhi An // Curious, creative, programmer. Open-source enthusiast
27 points by David Schneider
Python Web Application Development Using Flask and MySQL
4 points by Manejandodatos
Senior Software Engineer (Python) -
3 points by Fayland Lam
VIDEO: Construction crew wrangles 11-foot python on Florida jobsite | Equipment World | Construction Equipment, News and Information | Heavy Construction Equipment
7 points by Equipment World
Plotly — 7 Plotly Graphs in 3D: Stocks, Cats, and Lakes
7 points by Matt Sundquist
Introducing new edition of PyCharm for interactive Python learning | JetBrains Company Blog
14 points by Alexander Hetzl
Workshops |
51 points by Continuum Analytics
Air Jordan 1 Python Skin by JBF Customs | Highsnobiety
3 points by Amy Grech
Page not found - INE
18 points by INE
C0DE517E: Scientific Python 101
8 points by Franz Navarro
ISIS Fighters Seen Mingling with Turkish Soldiers Near Kobani Border [VIDEO]
5 points by Monty Python
The six hottest programming languages to know in banking technology - eFinancialCareers
42 points by PYTEX
Learn Everything about Analytics - at one place!
3 points by Analytics Vidhya
IEEEXtreme Programming Challenge 8.0 - The Manitoban
9 points by PYTEX
datacollect/collect_music_tags at master · rasbt/datacollect · GitHub
3 points by Jonathan Moore
Nothing found for Blog 2014 10 Another-Quantopian-Me-Too-Clone-Quant-Trading-Platform-In-Python-When-Will-People-Learn-On-Security-Trust-And-Restrictions #sthash Vhwfkbly Dpuf
6 points by
Interview Qs for Python Newcomers - Dice News
7 points by Technology Partners

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