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RCMP in New Brunswick completes investigation in python deaths, now with Crown
3 points by Canada Politics News - News Waver
Coursera Blog • Coursera for Your Career: 4 Courses to Build Computer Science Foundations and Advance Programming Skills
369 points by Enspiral Dev Academy
Common migration problems — Porting to Python 3 - The Book Site
3 points by Shawn Hartsock
six 1.7.3 : Python Package Index
21 points by Shawn Hartsock
25.4. 2to3 - Automated Python 2 to 3 code translation — Python v2.7.8 documentation
11 points by Shawn Hartsock
tox 1.7.2 : Python Package Index
6 points by Shawn Hartsock
Eddie's Math and Calculator Blog: My experience with Python so far (Pythonista iOS App 2.7)
5 points by Edward Shore
Chris's Wiki :: blog/python/MyPythonVersions2014-06
3 points by Server Density
The Risks & Rewards of Early Tapeout | EE Times
160 points by Jeronimo Avelar Filho
Mami's 3 Little Monkeys: Thursday Friday Everyday Python Tote Bag ($65ARV) US 7/28
7 points by jedilynn106
Using Python to Track and Make a Video Highlight of a Soccer Match…or a World Cup Highlight Reel? | The New Stack
7 points by CenturyLink Labs
Top 10 Programming Languages - IEEE Spectrum
2126 points by Madhukumar Seshadri
IEEE Top Programming Languages
29 points by Madhukumar Seshadri
joar/deproulette · GitHub
30 points by Benoit Hudzia
EuroPython 2014 - Welcome
269 points by biicode
'python' tag wiki - Stack Overflow
18 points by Alan Viñals
6 points by Plotly
Thursday Friday Everyday Python Tote Bag Giveaway – US Only ends 07/28 | The World of ContestPatti
3 points by contestpatti
NLP Scientist -
4 points by Fayland Lam
Brandon Amos: Using Python to organize a music directory.
22 points by Binpress

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