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10 Minutes to pandas — pandas 0.15.1 documentation
28 points by Enthought
C++ and Python Developers | NDT
4 points by New Dimensions in Technology, Inc. (NDT)
Security/Projects/Bandit - OpenStack
11 points by James Pope
Understanding Bias And Variance Using Python
4 points by Manu Jeevan Prakash
Development Manager -
3 points by Fayland Lam
How To Install Python, pip, and virtualenv on Windows with PowerShell : Tyler Butler
54 points by kazuaki ueda
We want YOU as an eLearning Contributor #autoCAD #python #java #revit #adobe | Atomic Learning Blogs
3 points by Atomic Learning
scrapinghub/dateparser · GitHub
38 points by Hacker News Bot
8.7. sets — Unordered collections of unique elements — Python 2.7.8 documentation
3 points by daisy yang
Request of tech answers for Apple Max OSX for Python R Java CPP Eglang Scala, quant trading research and HFT consulting needs | QUANTLABS.NET
3 points by
Things you can do with Python and POV-Ray - __del__( self )
32 points by Dan Christensen
A modern guide to getting started with Data Science and Python
223 points by Anthony Scopatz
Detecting Barcodes in Images with Python and OpenCV - PyImageSearch
7 points by Analytical Solution
API Engineer (Python, Ruby or Perl) -
3 points by Fayland Lam
xtextadd/pbase at master · martinbaker/xtextadd · GitHub
5 points by Sven Efftinge
Software Developers -
3 points by Fayland Lam
openpyxl - A Python library to read/write Excel 2007 xlsx/xlsm files — openpyxl 2.1.2 documentation
11 points by Christopher Spears
Git workshop
7 points by Dalia Ayman Ahmed
Python Novice to Ninja
12 points by GDG Cairo
ZoomerAnalytics/xlwings · GitHub
4 points by Web Media House

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