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63 points by Essence
Plotly's Scientific Graphing Libraries and API Protocols | Documentation | plotly
121 points by Peter juliano
Zivame Hackathon
15 points by Venturesity
Newly Found Tapes Capture John Cleese and Graham Chapman, Pre-Python -
324 points by Joyce Donahue
403 Forbidden
8 points by Jose Delgado
Ottawa shooter tried to rob Vancouver McDonald’s with stick | CTV Vancouver News
4 points by David Kasurak
Creative Contact Form Unauthenticated Shell Upload Vuln
3 points by HomeLab IT
Reticulated Python Confirmed to Have Given Birth via Parthenogenesis
4 points by REPTILES
ImportPython - Python Programming Books
17 points by ImportPython
1980s Carlos Felchi Black Leather Python Bag by AntiqueAlchemyShop
4 points by Antique Alchemy
Huge Python Found At Construction Site Tries To Bite Workers in Miami - YouTube
7 points by
2324 points by Heath Robertson
Why I prefer Python to Java, in two code samples.
16 points by Albino Biasutti Neto
Network & IT Systems Monitoring | Monitis - Monitor Everything
10 points by Monitor.Us
Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science | edX
37 points by pythonizame
Eleven-foot python discovered at a Miami-Dade construction site -
6 points by WPTV
Enlivepy A Different Approach to Html Templating in Python
3 points by Antonio Tauro
Speak to Amazon Kinesis in Python
15 points by Cloud Academy
glibc 0.5 : Python Package Index
7 points by Zygmunt Krynicki
Python Puzzlers // Speaker Deck
58 points by Mark Vickers

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