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ufoym/cropman · GitHub
7 points by Dustin Oprea
Install Eclipse 3.7 Indigo and configure Eclipse for Python - Linux Mint Community
3 points by Михаил Гусаров
Python / Django Software Engineer (Junior/Mid) -
3 points by Fayland Lam
Build system not honoring PYTHON variable · Issue #5302 · joyent/node · GitHub
1414 points by Adrian Marius Popa
Yelp Product & Engineering Blog | Introducing Pyleus: An Open-source Framework for Building Storm Topologies in Pure Python
110 points by Python Central
Python Training | FIZIKA MIND Institute
8 points by Fizika Mind
Python developers at Jin Innovations Ltd
6 points by Ngcareers
Django vs Flask vs Pyramid: Choosing a Python Web Framework
169 points by Marcos Iglesias - Freelance Software Engineer
What’s New — pandas 0.15.0 documentation
326 points by Sebastian Raschka
Audio Signal Processing for Music Applications | Stanford Online
13 points by Renato Candido
Beverly Osu carries live python on set of a new movie
3 points by GoldRushNigeria SBlog
Hadoop Engineer -
3 points by Fayland Lam
Python Software Engineer -
4 points by Fayland Lam
Nothing found for Blog 2014 10 Forget-Retail-Trading-Platform-Build-Automated-Trading-System-With-Popular-Programming-Languages-Like-Java-Dotnet-Csharp-Python-Matlab-Or-Even-R #sthash Gxqfxv1X Dpuf
3 points by
Python Software Engineer -
3 points by Fayland Lam
datacollect/twitter_timeline at master · rasbt/datacollect · GitHub
11 points by Dainius Happy
Python-LMDB In a High-Performance Environment - Slashdot
19 points by Eric Eikrem & Co.
5 points by Africans Connect - Fun, Blogs, Videos
Industrial Training Python – Object Oriented Programming Language
111 points by EmbLogic inno
Collect and Share Test Artifacts With Python - Ministry of Testing
33 points by Net Solutions

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