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openpyxl - A Python library to read/write Excel 2007 xlsx/xlsm files — openpyxl 2.1.2 documentation
11 points by Christopher Spears
Git workshop
7 points by Dalia Ayman Ahmed
Python Novice to Ninja
12 points by GDG Cairo
ZoomerAnalytics/xlwings · GitHub
4 points by Web Media House
xlwings - Replace Excel VBA with Python!
14 points by Web Media House
pydata/pandas · GitHub
42 points by Web Media House
Emsu/prophet · GitHub
30 points by Web Media House
Integrating Python and .NET Using IronPython | Embedding Python Scripts in .NET Applications | InformIT
16 points by We Are Innovation
Learn Python Programming From Scratch - Udemy
16 points by david moloney
Steps for effective text data cleaning (with case study using Python)
10 points by HazmeWeb
Announcing Prophet
57 points by Hacker News Bot
MD5/Implementation - Rosetta Code
5 points by Joseph Fang
Product Manager -
4 points by Fayland Lam
Why Python is the best programming language for start-ups and why our developers love it
12 points by Net Solutions
Your Python smells like Java | Mohammad Tayseer
69 points by BRM Web Dev
Control SparkCore using Python
6 points by CraftLearnTeach
PyData 2014 | New York | November 22 - 23
80 points by Continuum Analytics
How Hy backported "yield from" to Python 2 -- DustyCloud Brainstorms
45 points by Hacker News Bot
A classroom experiment in Twitter Bots and creativity
204 points by Coders & Makers
Learning Python Data Visualization | Packt
21 points by Dyson D'Souza

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