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F��� Python: String Methods, Functions, Slashes and Backslashes
3 points by Xah Lee
The Idiocy of Python's Function Parameter Specification
4 points by Xah Lee
Lambda in Python 3000
5 points by Xah Lee
Pythonista quiz
30 points by Tech Infected
Resources for Learning Python | Pen and Pants
9 points by Matt Davis
Python Displacing R As The Programming Language For Data Science – ReadWrite
1553 points by Enthought
How To Become A Hacker
2611 points by freeyoru Z
357 points by freeyoru Z
Lightweight Virtual Environments in Python 3.4 | Dr Dobb's
9 points by Victor Yap
Python for Developers
8 points by Korfiatis Panayiotis
PyData 2014 | Silicon Valley | May 2 - 4
13 points by Dave Wen
Capstone - Ultimate disassembly framework
27 points by Shane Corning
androguard - Reverse engineering, Malware and goodware analysis of Android applications ... and more (ninja !) - Google Project Hosting
222 points by Shane Corning
OpenRCE/paimei · GitHub
5 points by Shane Corning
Python 2.7 To Be Maintained Until 2020
55 points by Gabriel Pozo - Analyzing Rap Lyrics with Python
30 points by Hardik Sanchawat
Top 10 Python Developers for Hire in Apr 2014
12 points by Darren Hoyland
Python for Pentesters and Hackers « SecurityTube Trainings
994 points by SecurityTube
Most Amazing Pictures Of The Wrold and Strange Pictures
81 points by Fun2Video.Com - Analyzing Rap Lyrics with Python
5 points by Marianne Corvellec

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