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MetPy: An Open Source Python Toolkit for Meteorology : News@Unidata
4 points by Unidata
The PenTesters Framework (PTF) Written In Python by TrustedSec - Hackers Online Club (HOC)
8 points by Hackers Online Club
Pet Python Loves Kitchen Tongs So Much He Swallows Them Whole, Gets Surgery | The Daily Meal
4 points by Command Pest Control
Best Programming Languages | Most Popular Languages to Learn – Simplilearn
29 points by Markus Sprunck
Guide For Data Exploration In Python Using NumPy, Matplotlib, Pandas
115 points by Michael Butler (lazarusad)
MOOC Tracker - Never miss a course | MOOC Report
6 points by Atila Romero
Rust for Python Programmers | Armin Ronacher's Thoughts and Writings
396 points by Gabriel Pozo
Quick Guide: Infographic on SAS vs R vs Python ( Which tool is best to learn?)
90 points by Yanchang Zhao
jgamblin/unicodecrash · GitHub
24 points by Jerry Gamblin
4 Ways to Pick Your First Programming Language - Udacity - Climb Higher
39 points by Dave LeCompte
Don't Be Scared Of Functional Programming – Smashing Magazine
1233 points by VonVictor Rosenchild
25 points by Dave Lunt
Frugal Freebies: Today's Free Books (Canada)
4 points by Catherine McDiarmid-Watt
Frugal Freebies: Today's Free Books (US)
192 points by Catherine McDiarmid-Watt
Steps For Effective Text Data Cleaning
41 points by Analytics Vidhya
Python Programmers(NEC Technologies India Pvt Ltd) - TechAge Academy
6 points by TechAge Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Unicode is Kind of Insane
81 points by John McGuigan
Knights of Ni White Crest | Teespring
5 points by Monty Python Fans Unite
Cufflinks - Easy Plotting using Plotly and Pandas | IPython Notebooks | plotly
12 points by Richard Rossel
Conda for Data Science
77 points by Continuum Analytics

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